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Fighting Maidroids!
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Bland-new CYBERMANGA for you
Tsugumi Nishino and Kohei Nishino have tried to create a next-generation manga style since 1996. Computers and the Internet changed not only our life but also the way of reading manga. When manga were released from paper media, we found the big possibility of manga expression. We formed a new manga artists group "GADGET'S200X" for that purpose.
And now, finally, we would like to propose a new manga style called "CYBERMANGA" for manga fans all over the world.
We hope you'll like them!! And please tell me what you think.

Web-based productions Konohana Sakuya have worked on
In 1996, established Hanamaru Weekly, the world's first Web site to provide manga in nine languages: Japanese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Dutch and Swedish. The site now has over a million hits a month.
The history of Konohana Sakuya and cybermanga (a new style of manga art designed specifically to be enjoyed using digital devices)
1996: Began production on next generation, Web-based manga using the latest digital technology.
1999: Published "Hanamaru Angels" over the Net, before any other medium.
2001: Selected as an exemplar business for Web content production by the Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry-funded Digital Contents Association of Japan. Began producing manga meant to be browsed over the Internet, and named this genre "cybermanga."
2003: Awarded 1st Digital Manga Award, sponsored by weekly Shonen Jump magazine.
Awarded MacFan Digital Manga Award, sponsored by Mainichi Communications.
Nominated for DCAJ-sponsored award for business that helped the most in developing breakthrough technology for producing high-quality Web content.
"Encounter" was selected as jury's choice for the Manga Category, while "Lost Alias: Dungun" and "GuruGuru 4-Koma Noroi no Yakata: Hyaku Monogatari" were selected as jury's choice for the Entertainment Category at the Cultural Agency's Media Arts Festival Awards for fiscal 2003.
2004-Present: Publishing the serial digital manga "Lost Alias: Dungun" on the weekly Shonen Jump magazine Web site, Pop Web Jump.