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konohana sakuya
Konohana Sakuya
[ Encounters ]


Konohana Sakuya is the alias of the working partnership between two comic artists, Kohei Nishino and Tsugumi Nishino.
In 2002, the duo was awarded the Grand Prize of the 1st World Manga Faithful Readership Award, sponsored by publisher Shinchosha, which received much coverage for the total sum of its prizes--100 million yen (about $9 million)--and the fact all winners were voted entirely by readers.
The winner of the above prize, "Encounter," was serialized in the weekly Comic Bunch magazine until October 2003. The series was given the jury's choice award by the Cultural Agency in the Manga Category of the Media Arts Festival Awards for fiscal 2003.
Since August 2004, the duo has had its latest work, "The Lights," serialized in the monthly version of the Shonen Jump magazine.

Kohei Nishino, a.k.a. Denjiro, made his debut in 1980 after winning the best newcomer manga artists award sponsored by publisher Shogakukan, while studying at Tokyo Zokei University.
Since then, he's published work in the monthly Shonen Sunday, monthly version of Shonen Jump, the monthly Shonen Magajin, Combat Comic and Animal House magazines. He's also done artwork for novels, worked on the animated film "Gundam F91" and produced Web-based animation.
He currently runs the weekly manga Web site Hana Maru Weekly (http://www.cybermanga.com). He has also been active overseas, having had his "NAGI" serialized in Chibi-Pop Manga. Kohei is also responsible for nurturing young artists as a Associate Professor at the Arts Department of Kyoto Seika University.
Tsugumi Nishino made her debut in 1993 in the weekly Young Jump magazine. Notable works include "Yurameki Paradise Girl" and "Tatakau Meido San!" (The Battling Maid). A bilingual manga she serialized on her Web site, "Hanamaru Angels," has been published in book form. She has also presented her work "Fubuki the Female Ninja" on the U.S. manga magazine Chibi-Pop Manga.

*Konohana Sakuya
(published by Shintyo-sha)
-The Lights
(published by Shuei-sha)

*Kohei Nishino
The world and mechanism creation adviser of
"Gundam F-91"(Movie 1991)
-Psychic Detective Luna and Saiko vol.1- vol.2
(Published by Syuei-Sha)
-C.A.T.S 2
-Yohei Yakuza
(Published by Nihon Shuppan Sha)
-Goshiki no Majin
(Published by Asahi Sonorama)

*Tsugumi Nishino
-Yurameki Paradise Girl vol.1-vol.2,
-Junjyo Hanamaru Girl vol.1-vol.2,
(Published by Shuei-Sha)(Jump Comics Series)
-Sweet Home vol.1-vol.3,
-Otohime 1000% vol.1-vol.2,
(Published by Hakusen-Sha)
-Tatakau Meido-san! (Fighting Maidroids!)vol.1-vol.7,
-The Earth Defense Force #100-100 vol.1-vol.2,
-Tenshi no ABC vol1-vol2,
(Published by Hakusen-Sha)